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Adele Lorienne
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Dreamer of improbable dreams, frequently travels with the Doctor.
Current Residence: A forest somewhere in Oregon


June Features!

Tue Jun 2, 2015, 7:56 PM

*Congrats to-L Ann Ahlstrom- for winning May's monthly patron commission!*  The winner for June will be drawn the first week of July.

:heart:As an extra thank-you to the amazing and wonderful patrons who support my work, please enjoy a month-long feature!:heart:

Daggers in the Night by MikeDoscherTumbletown by MikeDoscherSnow, Ash, and the City by MikeDoscher

The Knight of Patience by TigryphLoP - Lords of Lancaster by TigryphCae - Windwaker Window by Tigryph

Rising Creature by EiljaGorgorHeartbeat of a Dreamer - Choker by EiljaGorgorHemeras Light - Earcuff by EiljaGorgor

An InuYasha fanfic: Chapter 1
Prompt: "The Howling" by Within Temptation. From "The Heart of Everything" album
In the northernmost forests of Japan, in a small hut, there was an almost palatable tension and anxiousness. The young new mother was struggling desperately to birth her child alone, not daring to call for assistance in fear for her baby's life. For she knew, that the villagers would never accept the child as anything more than an abomination to the world and a betrayal to the village and it's stern views on matters involving involving anything to do with Youkai. Which meant her child as well.
The Youkai who had stolen her heart a few short years earlier was currently running a perimeter around the secluded hut, which he had built with his own hands when the scent of his mate signaled a pup was on it's way a few short months ago. He knew that the village people would never have allowed her to live among them when they found out, his beloved was barely considered a member of the village as it
Sunset :wallpaper sized: by MoonchildVenix.:Moonchild's eye:. by MoonchildVenix

Lady of the Forest by RedundantthoughtsClara and 8.5 by RedundantthoughtsJourney to the Center of the TARDIS by Redundantthoughts

Let's fight by Azzedar-sanHere I Go Again by Azzedar-sanExhaustion by Azzedar-san

The Butterfly Room by Dorothy-T-RoseEncolinar by Dorothy-T-RoseFramed Tatted TARDIS by Dorothy-T-Rose

Warcraft : Night Elf Portrait by XeikkeiuDawn of Spring by XeikkeiuWarrior's Resolve by Xeikkeiu

Chas and Ricu by vilhelminaAn Agrabah Evening by vilhelminaSunday Evening Ship by vilhelmina

Pillar of Light by BeaGiftedTouch the Stars by BeaGiftedDay 19- After the Rain- Haku's Return by BeaGifted

Monster Under the Bed (Cropped) by cartoonstudyWar Spider Red Sonja Cartoonstudy by cartoonstudyPluto July 14th, 2015 by cartoonstudy

Visiting the Flowergarden by magicofthepiperCreature of the Forest by magicofthepiper7 swans a'swimming by magicofthepiper

Close Friends by Sachi-ponIdalia by Sachi-ponLonely by Sachi-pon

All The Light by ArdwennHi! by Ardwenn Wars of Ascendance - Part 1
Chapter I
If there is any lesson that we might learn from that ancient race we now call Dar it is this: they were subject to the same virtues and vices, deserving of the same glory and blame, that we are today.
Excerpt from Phian's Account of Time
Gedorik coughed into his fist. It was more a ragged hack than a cough, and not for the first time the man wondered if this winter would be his last. He was not old, and years of rough living in the northern reaches had toughened him. Yet, for all that, this winter had proved exceptionally harsh and bitter, it's icy fingers continued to grip the land at a time when the snow and ice should have been melting and yielding to fairer weather. Fur trapping in this weather was dangerous, but Gedorik had needed the money: an unnaturally long winter meant buying extra provisions for his larder.
The trapper hawked and spat a wad of phlegm, it steamed in the frigid air and made a dark circle in the snow. Fortunes about to change, though. Thedor

A Theft and a GiftThe parson's child from down the way is standing shamefaced in the white dust of the dirt road, holding out the stolen clamps while his mother firmly grips the back of his shirt collar.
The weathersmith laughs to himself, hiding a telltale smile with a cough behind his large work-stained hand, stretching out the other to take back the miniature G-cramps from the child's small fingers. He separates them out judiciously, choosing the smallest and finest of all, the one he uses to tether faint summer zephyrs in the late afternoon when the sun is high and hot.
"Here you are," he says, setting it back in the boy's smooth palm. "A gift to a future smith."
It's a thing little known to any, save weathersmiths and their apprentices, that every talent is forged from a theft and a free gift.
Surprise BirdsThe morning is cold
my car window frosted
in delicate patterns of ice
that half-asleep I scrape away
The sunlight is cold
the sun too far away
to do more than paint in gold
the edges of snow-white clouds
The ground is cold
the brown and yellow
of dead grass covered
in a thin dusting of pale frost
I have no love for the pale day
the bitter wind
that burns my cheeks with cold
demanding that I wake
when from the cold ground
in a flurry of black feathers
a flock of magpies rises
startling open my bleary eyes:
Surprise birds --
patterns of purest white
under black --
revealed only
in a wild flapping of wings
riding on the bitter wind
rising to meet the clouded sky
where the faraway sun
lights up the pattern
of their monochrome wings
and gilds their edges in the palest gold.
I Still Haven't Found... by vasnefy

September by xxSongofStormsxxArt Nouveau ATC by xxSongofStormsxxOctober by xxSongofStormsxx

Kolichibi by winterelf86Brokk's Death by winterelf86Rumbelle by winterelf86

Chandra's First Walk by myrnnecromansonCover by myrnnecromansonThanavi by myrnnecromanson

Star blossoms 1 by ChibiHugsYampuff's Lovely Queen of Hearts lineart coloring by ChibiHugsHiding in the bushes by ChibiHugs

TNES - Xayide by SteffelSearching for a Light by SteffelEyes of Mist Cover by Steffel

Electric Safety Poster by DarkaurasPortrait by DarkaurasRapunzel by Darkauras

Code Magic: Black'N'White by Onaya-ChanFaolf - Fakemon by Onaya-ChanDreaming away by Onaya-Chan

In pain and regret by Gold-SevenIt ends in flame by Gold-SevenThe harp no longer sings by Gold-Seven

Lackadaisy Scarlet by tracyjbLackadaisy Butterfly by tracyjbLackadaisy Blueblood by tracyjb

Paradise Sunset by carleyibJason and Nina by carleyibEyes like diamonds by carleyib

Garrett says Hi by lycorisHerald Darren by lycorisJenna Coleman Portrait by lycoris

The Firebird by Skilly-n-DuffSeptember Tale by Skilly-n-DuffThe Moment After: The Fight by Skilly-n-Duff

Samantha's New Design by CaldwinKimberly Bio by CaldwinOC Static Signal by Caldwin

White Queen by ForestGemFeral Queen by ForestGemHareld - The Travelling Bunny by ForestGem

Sketches 001 by thewanderingoutsiderPath of Exile - Standoff by thewanderingoutsiderOrder 1886 - Antiquated Armour: Tesla Modernised by thewanderingoutsider

Water Wolf by Jadie-LeePurple and Silver Kitty with wings! by Jadie-LeeMankind vs. Nature Redone by Jadie-Lee

Weeping Angel Pony by Elf-in-a-blue-boxAmy Pond and Rory Williams H. Earth Plushie Dolls by Elf-in-a-blue-boxViolet Mermaid by Elf-in-a-blue-box

Kissed Brass by ArynChris Statement of Faith: ArtWhen I write, I write the stories I want to read.
    Of course I want critiques and feedback and advice!  I want to be a better writer.  The better I write, the more I will enjoy rereading it.  The more others like it, the better I know I'm writing, and that called positive feedback; I'll know to keep doing what I'm doing.  If others like it, if others like it enough to buy it someday, cool!  I'm [eventually] publishing for myself and select friends, but if other people want copies and are willing to foot some costs, that means I can afford to print my friends' free copies instead of just giving them a file.  I like that.  The stories are more real when you can hold them in your hand.
    Of course I hope that more of my friends, as well as strangers, will like my stories.  These are my worlds, and the more people who are interested in them, the more people available to chat with me about my favorite subj
The Fiddler - OC reference sheet by ArynChris

Coliseum Sketch by gryfRadiant Edge of Thunder, S1 by gryfSlepun by gryf

If I've missed anyone, (or chosen something you'd rather not be featured from your gallery), please let me know!

:heart::heart:Thank you all for looking and for being awesome!:heart::heart:
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Skin by SimplySilent

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:bulletblue:MM realism couple portrait for Dani: (paid, sketching)
:bulletblack:Patreon MM sketchportrait for Vilhelmina (pending)
:bulletblack:Child commission for Nicolas: (pending)
:bulletblack:Special commission for Tigryph

:bulletblue:Update guest art on Meadowhaven (58%)
:bulletblue:Aduro, Luke and Faeren sketches
:bulletblack:"Masquerade" Faeren and Semiyar (eventually)
:bulletblack:~Shadow Black~ (Editing probably never)
:bulletblack:New Artbook design and planning (I wish!)

:bulletblack:"A Twinge of Cosmic Angst" -5th Doctor sketches
:bulletblack:Random Doctors/companions sketches
:bulletblack:Color "If I said I loved you..."

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Friends and people I admire

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Daiyame Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Thank you for adding my Donna cosplay to your Collection. :heart:
Lovely Greetings, Sonja. ^^
Kinsara Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015
Hi Saimain! I drew a picture of Faeren for you and put it on my blog:…
^o^ I hope you are doing really well!
Saimain Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015  Professional General Artist
Aww, thank you so much!!  This was such a nice surprise to wake up to this morning!  So many details, and I love the branch that curls down around his neck.  :heart:  I've missed Faeren; thank you for being so sweet as to draw him again!
Kinsara Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015
You're so welcome ^^ I'm glad that it could be a nice surprise for you :heart:
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I absolutely adore your work! I could favourite everything in your gallery. I can't believe I haven't found you earlier because you're a must watch. Keep up the good work, you're amazing! ^^
Kuro-Neko-Artbook Featured By Owner May 22, 2015  Student General Artist
Awesome Gallery, i like your work alot! <3
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I follow your inspiring work since Elfwood, in fact since I discovered there was art gallerys on the interweb and that I could try myself too X)
You have been a real inspiration for years and it was a real shock this morning to see my message box.:faint: 
So... Em... Thank you very very much for the watch.
This surely means a lot for me and I feel very honored.
Saimain Featured By Owner May 24, 2015  Professional General Artist
Oh wow, I'm honored!  Your artwork is lovely!  Tigryph passed it along to me, and I was impressed at first glance.  I intend to have a proper look through your gallery on my next break.  :heart:
giz-art Featured By Owner May 25, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Awww Thal is an adorable cuty, and thank you very much for such nice words. Nuumelt 
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